Netherlands Hash

Netherlands Hash


10 Grams, 17 Grams, 22 Grams


This Hash is produced from Cannabis plants grown in the Netherlands. Buy Netherlands Hash Online. Plants are usually cultivated Indoors but there are also small Outdoors and Greenhouse cultivation. Most of the Hash is produced through screening like in Morocco. However, there is also a small quantity of hand-rubbed Hash produce using the Afghani method.


Netherlands Hash

Netherlands Hash

The preparation of the Hash Brownie is what makes it more outstanding. Its design and versatility in use make it stand out. Its ingredients include Dutch Hash, brownie mix, butter and eggs. The amount of Dutch Hash used to determine the level of CBD in the brownie. They are mostly taken as a snack on camping, expedition or a journey. Terpenes for this brownie range from herbal (CBD properties), fruity and mints to taste. Additives such as vanilla are added to give it taste and presentability.


The brownie promotes the feel-good moments, makes one considerably creative and relaxed in equal measures. These conditions help to relieve stress and cup down anxiety levels. It also contributes to the generation of sleep in a significant capacity. The brownies should be taken with milk, water or coffee for maximum outcome. Customers who have used this product praise its taste and structure. Our brownies have the CBD compound from Cannabis Sativa but do not cause the jumpiness or “highness”. The presence of THC, if any, is negligible and cannot surmount to anything serious.


The conditions in the Cannabis Bakehouse kitchen are top-notch. All the ingredients are prepared in the best conditions and the right proportions. Other brownie products are baked in the same conditions. Our market share is evident to the excellent work we have done over the years. For as low as €4.95, you can buy a Dutch brownie from Cannabis Bakehouse Amsterdam.


Lab Tested Result Of netherlands hash:

THC: 84%-80%
CBD: 2%

The cannabis concentrate known as shatter has a transparent, amber appearance that looks glassy when cold, but more like thick honey when warm.

. The level of transparency and richness of color vary based on certain factors, such as the amount of moisture and heat used during the process.

Also, the liquidity of the product increases as the percentage of terpenes increase.

Shatter is the most potent of all concentrates, but since it is slightly unstable, over time it changes into budder.

Khalifa Kush, or Wiz Khalifa OG,  is a hybrid that was bred specifically for the rap artist. netherlands hash cheap online buy near me order quality price

who claims it descended from an OG strain. The ‘real’ Khalifa Kush is supposedly unavailable to the public, but those who have acquired strains under this name

say that the effects and aromas are similar to that of OG Kush: sour lemon and pine, with an activecerebral buzz ideal for morning and daytime use.

Shatter-type extracts don’t get much better than this top-shelf r, hand-crafted by TheCookieCo415’s in-house scientists. The shatter starts with organic, indoor-grown indica —a supreme phenotype of OG Kush branded by Wiz Khalifa. TheCookieCo415 took the best nugs of KK and then ran them through a petro-solvent extraction process that included a 72-hour purge and de-waxing for ultra cleanliness and a smooth hit. The brittle translucent wafer still has a KK lemon OG terpene profile. This is a super-fine, ultra-potent extract for chronic insomnia and pain.




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