Buy CBD Paste (Endoca)

Buy CBD Paste (Endoca)

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Buy CBD Paste (Endoca) 20% 2000mg
Want to get acquainted with this CBD paste? Grab this opportunity now, the product is being offered
here! Enjoy Endoca hemp oil CBD paste 20%. This paste is made of high quality and pure hemp
extracts. 100% natural GMP HACCP certified. 100% legal paste. Order it directly from us online.
Questions? Do not hesitate to ask!
Endoca 15% CBD oil
CBD of organically cultivated hemp.
CBD extracts are free of pesticides and herbicides.
Contains concentrations of CBC CBG CBN,CBD
Contains different terpenes next to 15% CBD.
Quality comes first
This hemp CBD oil comes from organic hemp fields .No pesticides. The organic production ensures a
high-quality product.
The Endoca 15% CBD oil contains:
50% hemp seed oil
1500 mg CBD
Omega 3 and 6
Vitamin E
Phyto cannabinoids
Endoca is a Danish family business with different hemp plantations in Europe. Endoca is very critical
to itself and tests each batch twice. The first test is done is their own high tech lab. The second test is
done by an independent third party. This way the quality of Endoca CBD is always guaranteed.


Buy CBD Paste (Endoca)

Buy CBD Paste (Endoca)


Concentrated CBD paste, 2000 mg CBD/CBDa (Endoca)

The concentrated CBD paste by Endoca is a unique product. It is the most user-friendly CBD-product, is easy to dose, and can be taken in several ways. Moreover, thanks to the extremely high CBD-concentration it is, relatively, the cheapest CBD product on the market.

  • Endoca RAW CBD oil
  • High CBD concentration
  • Usable in the way you want to
  • Cheapest product per mg CBD
  • Easy to dose

Simply adjust the dose to your needs. The oil has a higher viscosity than normal CBD oil. Do you prefer a lightning fast absorption? You can also vape it, use an e-cigarette, or inhale it via a pipe!

The Endoca CBD paste is an all-natural product. No chemicals have been added and because the oil has not been heated up during the production process, all substances of the cannabis plant are preserved. Hence, this potent Endoca-CBD product is suitable for everyone, even for children and pets!


RAW CBD: all-natural!

The reasons to choose for Endoca RAW CBD oil are overwhelming! Due to the high CBD concentration, the Endoca oil is a very economic product per milligram of CBD. Further, the paste is all-natural because no chemical substances have been added. Different from other CBD oils, the RAW oil is not chemically processed and is produced without heating up the oil. As a result, not just CBD, but CBDa, and substances like antioxidants, CBC, CBG, and CBN are preserved. Have you never heard of those substances? That is because they are lost in almost all other CBD products. Endoca RAW CBD oil is, therefore, unique among CBD products: nature as nature intended it!


Higher CBD concentration, milder flavor

The CBD flavor is special but is not valued equally by all. For those who consider CBD slightly bitter, the concentrated CBD oil of Endoca is ideal. During the manufacturing process, some substances—like chlorophyll and non-active waxes—have been removed from the product. Those removed substances cause the strong flavor of CBD oil, hence, this RAW CBD product is much milder.




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